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Cast iron or clay?

At Backyard Living we are not afraid to take a position, and our position is ironclad. Cast iron chimineas and fire pits won't crack, unlike clay. Plus, they radiate heat efficiently.

Do I need to seal cast iron chimineas and fire pits?

No. While they will rust, performance will be unaffected. To help keep rust from forming rub the entire surface with salad oil before your first use, waiting a day or two to allow the oil to penetrate. Repeat annually (or when you see rust). Spray steel spark grates with PAM® Cooking Spray a few times each season.

How do I fire a chiminea or fire pit?

Use fatwood - which is available at Backyard Living - to start the fire. First light one stick and add a few more. Place firewood on top. Aside from adding logs to the fire as needed, the only thing left for you to do is to settle back with a shaken-not-stirred mug of hot cocoa.

We know you know this already, but we are going to tell you anyway:
  • Never leave an open flame or burning embers unattended
  • Keep children and pets away from any open flame
  • Do not touch the Chiminea or Fire Pit while it is burning - it is hot!
  • Never use flammable liquid to start the fire - that would be so bush
  • Do not place the chiminea directly on wood or other combustible surface
  • If placed on a deck, use brick, stones, or a non-combustible mat that is available at Backyard Living
  • This is an outdoor product, not to be used indoors or under a covered porch
  • Avoid low hanging branches above the fire
  • Always burn a controlled fire